University of Western Sydney, Mount UWS Hawkesbury Campus

Public And Community

Jones Nicholson provided multi-discipline design for the construction of a new 120-bed student accommodation, an open spaced common facility and office amenities resulting in a total of eleven stand-alone structures. The buildings were a mix of single and double storey structures of brick, suspended concrete and timber-framed construction, designed to blend in with the historic and rural surroundings. The site was located within an existing overland flow path, resulting in the building levels being raised and consequently the design and implementation of a large 9-metre-wide landscaped swale.

In large storm events the swale doubled as a flood basin to minimise flooding to adjacent buildings. Each building was designed to minimise energy consumption and incorporated several passive design features including, reverse veneer construction for increased thermal mass and high louvers to create cross ventilation. A hydronic heating system comprising of gas-heated water circulated through individual radiator panels was implemented to provide heat through the cooler months

Client: The University of Western Sydney

Architect: Suters Architects, Pty, Ltd

Construction: Grindley Construction